How to score good marks?


This is specifically for the students who wants to achieve good marks, but don`t know how ? well this article definitely going to help you out. But before that let’s discuss some basic problem

So basically, the problem arises when a student doesn’t understand the question, because they don’t understand the meaning, like; what actually the question is all about. And In English subject it becomes more difficult.

There are three types of students

  1. First, who always study hard, they are relaxed during exams
  2. Second, who don’t study as much because they need to pay for their education
  3. Third, who don’t take studying seriously and they don’t care about passing or failing.

So, the second one are always struggling because they don’t know how? and they take so much stress during exams.

There are few points, which I am going to highlight

  • Read out the summary of a lesson and highlight all the important points. (if you don’t understand easily, read 2-3 times)
  • Try to understand the story or the plot.
  • Memorize all the highlighted points.
  • Also try to memorize the characters and their work, lesson name and writer’s name etc.
  • Write few lines about the characters. (their work in the story)
  • Write all the difficult words given in the story, and find their meaning. (take help from dictionary)
  • Try to create sentence about 10-15 lines of the summary. ( in your own words)
  • Frame few questions.. (it will help you to understand the matter, if don’t know how to frame simply start with ‘wh’ words like; why, what, who, when and where etc.)
  • Now, read 3 times all the points before bed, which you have highlighted. (don’t learn)

By doing this, it will not only help you to memorize but you can achieve good grades, and also save your time and help you to grow. Also the ratta method don’t apply, you don’t have to do this anymore.

There are no SHORTCUT for study.

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