Ben Jonson

Ben Jonson was a great poet, a dramatist and an English playwright of Elizabethan age.

His full name is Benjamin Jonson and born on 11, July 1572 Westminster, London.

Ben Jonson was the well mannered and classically educated man of Renaissance period.

Ben Jonson, being born in a poor family, he completed his study

He studied in Westminster, and his school fee is paid by his family friend.

Ben Jonson studied Greek and Roman classical literature.

Ben Jonson was the second most famous and important English dramatist after Shakespeare during the reign of James- I.

He became poet Laurette in 1616.

He wrote number of different masques for king James- I

The mosque of blackness (1605), Beauty (1608), Queens (1609), Love Restored (1612), and Christmas (1616) and The Satyr (1603).

His best part was that he didn’t mix tragedy with comedy.

He popularized comedy of humors.

He is best known for his satirical plays in work like Volpone (1605) or The Fox, Every Man in his Humors (1598) and The Alchemist (1610).

His two tragic drama Sejanus (1603) and Catiline(1611) failed to impress the Renaissance audience.

He married to Anni Lewis in 1594.

Ben Jonson died on August 6, 1637 in London.

Notable work:

Volpone (1605), based on greed, and gullibility

The Alchemist (1610) is based on study of quackery

Epiceane or The Silent Women (1609), prose comedy

Tragic Plays-

Sejanus (1603)

Catiline (1611)

Comedy Play-

A Tale of a Tub (1596- 1633)

The Isle of Dogs (1597) etc.

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