Sylvia Plath: suicidal journey

  • Sylvia Plath was an American poet, a novelist, and a short story writer, born on 27, October 1932 in Boston, Massachusetts US.
  • Her father, Otto Plath was an entomology
  • Her mother, Aurelia Schober Plath was a second generation American of Austrian descent.
  • She was highly known for the confession style in her work.
  • Her IQ was 160.
  • Her pen name was Victoria Lucas, because
  • She started writing at very young age of eight.
  • Boston Traveler was first poem published by her.
  • Plath studied and graduated from Smith college in Massachusetts, and Cambridge England.
  • By the time she arrived smith college, she wrote over 50 short stories published in raft magazines.
  • At the smith college she majored in English and won many prizes and Scholarships.
  • She was a great admirer of Dylan Thomas, W.B Yeats and Marianne Moore (she loved Dylan Thomas)
  • She married Ted Hughes, a well- known poet in 1957, and had two children, Frieda Rebecca and Nicholas Ferrar in 1962.
  • Soon, she left Ted Hughes with both the children knowing he has affair with Assia Wewill.
  • After separation of her husband, Plath produced 40 poems of rage, despair and vengeance in less than two months.
  • Plath was clinically depressed for most of her adult life, and treated with electroconvulsive therapy multiple times.
  • She attempted many sucides because of her depression.
  • On august 1953, she overdose on sleeping pills.
  • On June 1962, she drove her car off the side of the road into a river.
  • Eventually in 11 Feb, 1963 she killed herself at the age of 30, with carbon monoamine oxidase inhibitor poisonous on.
  • Plath struggled with `insomnia`. And because of this she lost 20 pounds (9kg).
  • She expresses her own condition in her poetry.
  • She mentioned her depression, constant agitation, sucidal thoughts and inability to cope with daily life.
  • She awarded with Pulitzer prize in 1982, for `the bell jar`.

Notable work:

  • The colossus, 1960- 62
  • The bell jar, 1963 and in us, 1971
  • Double exposure, 1963
  • Ariel, 1965 (after two year of her demise published by Ted Hughes)
  • Lady Lazarus (she expresses her suicidal tendency beyond her limitation)

The Children of Sylvia Plath:

Daughter, Freida Rebecca is a writer and artist, and son Nicholas Ferrar hanged himself at his home in Fairbanks, Alaska following a history of depression in March 16, 2009.

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