What is the best time for Self study?

For all the students who wants to beat the world, whether you are in school or college just follow these steps from now on

Hi there!

This is going to be my first blog on Education I would want to share few points which I follow to achieve my good score

When I was in 9th standard my English teacher asked to all the students of my class that How much you all speak English?

Well, what you think?

How much English a govt. school student can speak?

Only Good morning, Good afternoon, may I come in? and May I go? That’s it

She just told all the student to start self- study from now on and don’t expect that teacher will always available to help you out.  I think she was right, whether you are in school or college you can’t expect that teacher will always available for you in any any cost. I think tuition fee is much more high than school fee right?

So spare sometime and save money by following these steps:

  • The first step is to decide your time
  • Find a peaceful place
  • Select your subject according to difficulty level
  • Decide your goal

It is apply to all the subjects

Now the question is that what will be the best time?

  • As per my experience my father always used to tell me while I was in school, that I should study in the morning so I follow that routine since then.

 So, the best time to study is

  • From 4 am to 6 am, because this is the time when you woke up after 6- 8, hour sleep and your mind is totally free and fresh.

When you should not study?

It`s night time, because at night you came back from your daily routine work, study and other stuff and when you reach home your mind try to organize all the happenings of the day. So, if you still try to study at night you are not going to remember anything.  Basically, your mind is 100% busy now.(night)

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