How to write RTC of a poetry?

First of all, let’s try to understand what is RTC?

RTC `Reference to Context` refers as the answers to the given question from the stanza of a poem. It includes literary terms, poetic device and deep meaning of the given lines.

RTC must be written in three parts i.e. Reference, Context and Explanation

  • In reference, write the name of the poem and the poet in more appropriate way.

For Example: The specific and enigmatic extract or lines has been taken from (Name of the poem) composed by one of the finest medieval age Poet (Name of the poet).

  • In context, write the central idea of poem (आपने class IX- XII में जरुर सिखा होगा, how to write central idea). Describe the whole poem in brief like; what is poem all about? Poem की कहानी क्या है beginning till end.
  • In explanation, now define the meaning of given lines in detail but in simple English, write down the hidden meaning of the given line of the poem, write all the literary terms and device used in poem by the poet.

For example: Rhyme Scheme, figure of speech, poet`s writing skill. (use of language, symbol etc.)

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