Great Expectations novel characters

Character highlights:

  • Philip Pirip as Pip- (an orphan 7 year- old boy, lives with his elder sister)
  • Mrs. Joe Gragery– (Pip`s sister and hot tempered by nature)
  • Mr. Joe Gragery– (Pip`s brother in- law and kind by nature is a blacksmith)
  • Miss Havisham– (a freak woman)
  • Estella– (Miss Havisham`s adopted daughter arrogant by nature and Pip`s love interest)
  • Abel Magwitch– (a convict and Estella`s mysterious father)
  • Compeyson– (Magwitch`s criminal companion)
  • Mr. Pumblechook– (Pip`s uncle)
  • Biddy– (Pip`s friend)
  • Mr. Joggers– (Magwitch`s lawyer)
  • Orlick– (Mr. Joe`s servant)
  • Mathew Pocket and Herbert Pocket- (both lives in London, later Pip stays with them)
  • Molly– (Mr. Joggers`s servant and wife of Magwitch)

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