Hamlet: novel summary

Hamlet: a tragic play short notes

Remember all the characters name so you can understand the novel easily.

Character intro:

Hamlet – Prince of Denmark as tragic hero of the play

Claudius – Hamlet`s uncle as villain

Gertrude – Hamlet`s mother

Ophelia – Hamlet`s love interest

Polonius – a courtier and Ophelia`s father

Laertes – Ophelia`s brother

Horatio – Hamlet`s friend

Hamlet is a tragic play by William Shakespeare, written in around 1598- 1599 and first perform in 1601- 1602. Hamlet, prince of Denmark is a tragic character of the play who wants to take revenge to his uncle Claudius who killed his father in order to seize his throne and marry Hamlet`s mother Gertrude. There are few characters but mostly Hamlet revolves around the plot being set by Hamlet and his uncle against each other. Hamlet is written during Renaissance period. You can say that Hamlet as play is full of revenge.

Hamlet is based on theme like; politics, murder, revenge, corruption, deceive and madness.

Hamlet being as a most tragic play, caught reader`s attention because of it’s subject like; death, decay and corruption.

Hamlet is one of the Shakespeare’s best work among his all play.

Hamlet as play, portrayed as possessed of the passion of melancholy that depicts fear, sorrow and extreme emotions of the characters.

Hamlet is a tragic hero of the play and Prince of Denmark, studying in Germany before king`s death.

Hamlet came to Denmark to attend his father`s funeral.

During his visit, a spirit of king tells Hamlet that his father is killed by his own uncle (Claudius) by pouring poison in his ear.

The shocking part of the play is that after just few days of his father`s death Hamlet`s mother Gertrude is now married to Claudius, so Hamlet is furious.

Hamlet now wants to find the truth behind his father`s spirit so he stands out a plan to pretend as a mad man and organize a play to see the reaction of his uncle Claudius.

Hamlet describes Claudius as remorseless and treacherous villain.

The play starts and Claudius lives in between, now it has been clear that he killed the king.

Shakespeare uses all the character`s plot and setting to create a mood of disgust and a theme of proper revenge as opposed to fear and pity.

Hamlet is considered as the most powerful and influential works in English literature, and the most popular work of Shakespeare.

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