How to write assignments?

Well assignment is something that everyone wants to write too perfectly to score good marks. I am going to highlight some important points and factors which will help you to prepare your perfect assignment, you surely will achieve good score.

Before writing assignments

  • Read the question carefully, understand the meaning of the question
  • Go through the chapters on which the question is based
  • Make some points, highlight key words, and phrase etc.
  • Write down your answers roughly and arrange them in logical order
  • Do not copy the same from text book and from any other source material
  • Be a little more selective and analytic
  • Give adequate attention of your introduction and conclusion (this is important part as it provides brief detail)
  • Introduction must offer your brief interpretation to the questions
  • Summarize your response in Conclusion
  • If necessary, add some reference from other text books and critics

Points to Remember:


  • be in logical and coherent
  • have clear connections between sentences
  • written correctly, giving adequate consideration
  • have proper expression, style and presentation
  • not exceed the maximum word limit that is indicated in your question
  • be neat and clean
  • have highlight the key points you wish to emphasize

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