Why Shakespeare is called the God of Drama?

Shakespeare was one such playwright who doesn’t limit his approach to singularity of being. He uses persuasive language and variability which are different. His multiplicities are also different. His genres are on another level that no playwright has able to match till date. His idea of character development synthesizes beautifully in his drama. He is so novelistic and dramatic that he gives meaningful, complex or psychological dialogue even to his smallest characters. He doesn’t give interiority only to his main protagonist. That is why it never feel that the characters are small but in contrast to that it feels like they are general like any people or character. He also doesn’t ignore small miniscule particle in the play.

His writings are merely based on love, hate, death, grief, jealousy revenge, murder and mystery which adds beauty and grace to his all drama, not only that but his stage presence has entered directly to the heart of the audience. His some of the most popular works are Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Hamlet.

Therefore, the idea of variability of performance, ontological multiplicity is used to be a part of his play which means Shakespeare manifests himself through the characters, that is why he called the GOD of drama.

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