The General Prologue RTC

by Geoffrey Chaucer

A lovyere and a lusty bachelor,

With lokkes cruller as they were leyd in presse.

Of twenty year of age he was, I gesse.

Of his stature he was of evene lengthe,

And wonderly delyvere, and of greet strengthe.

Reference:-  The given lines have been taken from the Canterbury Tale’s ‘The General Prologue’, written by the father of English literature Geoffrey Chaucer in 1309.

Context:- In the general prologue of Canterbury Tale, the poet has described all the characters by observing their personality. The Squire who is son of a Knight is a hot- blooded character and young in age. He is a fun- full character in the group of pilgrimage. In contrast, he is no match to knight, and has joined the group of pilgrimage just for pleasure.

Explanation:-  In the given line the poet is describing by saying that he is unlike knight lack bravery but his physical strength in such young age appreciable. The poet says that his hair is lock like curl as if they are just pressed. Poet also guessing his age because he seems like he is in twenty year now. And his height is average but his physical appearance is so strength full which is matching his energy and power of being in a young age.

Critical Comment:-  The Squire is the character who beautiful physic nut he is also a lusty bachelor by nature. His fashionable dress is waste of money that could have gone to the poor. His fresh and youthful energy is further brought out in his sleepless love and his ability to sing, dance, draw, and write just to compose songs for anticipates that the type of Renaissance courtier.

The given lines have been written in iambic pentameter and writing style has been from middle English which is a typical writing form of Geoffrey Chaucer.

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