How to prepare notes

What is note making?

Note making is the process to highlight or write down all the important words or sentence by a listener or reader in their own words. It is a process to review the lectures and synthesize the whole topic.

Note making is specifically helpful for those students who can not learn long question/ answers or a paragraph.

Why to make notes

  • Note making helps to memorize all the important points
  • To refresh our memory about what we read in past
  • To prepare for exams

How to make Notes

  • Notes should be short and clear
  • Only relevant facts should be highlighted
  • Only word and phrases should be used
  • Important points should be written in a systematic way
  • Notes should be divided into heading and sub headings

Now the question is, how should divisions and sub divisions should be like;

  • Main sections – 1, 2, 3 etc.
  • Sub- sections –  a, b, c etc.
  • Sub- sub sections – (i), (ii), (iii) etc.

However, In the process of Note making short forms and symbols should be used. Do not create confusion. The minimum number of abbreviations expected are 6 to 10. A key to abbreviations must be given at the end of the Note making.  

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